Being Cheap Can Hurt Your Company

Pen writing 1

When it comes to managing your own company, it is usually never a bad idea to want to be as economical as possible. Being cost-effective is always a good thing, but there are occasions when being cost effective can actually hurt your company's reputation. Such occasions often occur when you are trying to recruit new customers or negotiate business deals with other companies. These are occasions where an economical approach is not a good idea, especially if your company offers its clients and customers custom pens. Custom pens that are cheap can actually have a negative impact on your company in various ways.

You Look Cheap

There is nothing wrong with wanting to show your clients that you are a company that is cost-effective and managed economically. However, it is not a smart idea to give your clients cheap wood pens and expect to portray that same message. It also makes no sense for you to give your client a wood pen that was worth a few cents when you just finished completing a deal that was valued at more than half a million dollars. Doing so gives the message that your company saves money in the wrong ways. By giving your clients cheap pens, you are telling clients that you are cutting necessary expenses that are needed to produce quality goods and services just to save money. Clients want to know that you are going to save them money while retaining the quality and integrity of their own goods and services. Giving them a cheap ballpoint pen is enough to contradict that confidence and could even cost you their business.

When Pens Break, They Break Deals

If giving your client a cheap wood pen did not persuade them to take their business elsewhere, the moment those cheap pens break or run out of ink will. This might not sound logical, even immature, but such a minor incident has been a cause of lost business opportunities for companies. The fact is that cheap wood pens have a product life that is so short that they often cause the tension and resentment between companies. Most of you have used a cheap pen in your life and can remember how frustrating it was to see that your pen had no ink or broke the first time you used it. How does this relate to your company? You are the individual who gave your client that cheap wood pen. The instant that pen breaks during use, that client is not going to hesitate to blame your company for the incident and it can be what causes business negations to fall through.Pen writing 2

Cheap Pens Make Your Business Forgettable

This is the golden rule when it comes to securing new customers and clients. You only have one chance to make an impression on them and persuade them to do business with you. Do you think that giving your clients and customers a cheap wood pen is going to give your clients a memorable impression? The obvious answer is no. Just like you are not going to remember a cheap pen, your clients will not find your company memorable either. This is why it is important to invest in high quality custom wood pens to give to your customers and clients. These wood pens can be pricey, but the impression they leave on your clients and customers will more than cover your investment.