Custom Designed Pens Make the Perfect Gift

When you want to give a gift, the old adage that "it's the thought that counts" doesn't always cut it. Some people receive the same gift over and over, like a tie for dad on Father's Day. Other people are always buying the wrong gift, like the husband that just doesn't know how to shop for his anniversary. So, many times it is the gift that counts.

Why a Pen?

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Pens have been and always will be around. Even in this age of rapidly-advancing technology, people are always going to need to write things by hand. A pen is a classic gift. Disposable pens lie about our offices and homes; many times, they don't work and get thrown away like candy wrappers. Having a classic, quality pen to put in your pocket or purse makes everything you write just little more meaningful.

Why a High Quality Custom Designed Pen?

The best custom pens are ones that are made with care and craftsmanship. You can get a commercial grade pen made with commercial grade materials, but opting for the best custom pens can make all the difference for your classic gift. Imagine giving a gift pen that is made of high grade, handpicked wood. Then add the customization that will make your gift one that will never be forgotten and used for years to come.

Foster the Art of Handwriting

Giving custom pens to friends and loved ones is a way of showing that you are accomplished at the "art of giving" and at the same time want to encourage the "art of handwriting." It's especially gratifying to buy custom pens for those you hope will use this clever gift to keep in touch through letter writing. For a youth, the gift of a custom design pen just might help foster improvements in penmanship, grammar, and writing.

Ideas for Gift Giving


Art Deco Fountain Pen

Not every newly-wed couple needs more than one toaster. Consider giving a supply of high quality, custom designed pens with the
happy couple's name on it as a way to stand out from the rest of the unimaginative gifts they'll most likely receive.


There's nothing like being handed a finely-crafted pen on graduation day with your name on it. The name on the pen will be the one that's "going places" and "taking the world by storm." The proud graduate won't soon forget the thoughtful person who cared enough to give them the perfect graduation gift.

Create Your Own Occasion

The occasion you use for giving a custom designed pen doesn't have to be one that has a greeting card to go along with it. For example, give a custom pen to a co-worker who just got a promotion and wants to celebrate the fact. Giving a custom designed pen to someone who wasn't even expecting a gift can be the most gratifying of all reasons to bestow this classic gift. Start giving the gift that will make an impression and will always be treasured by those special people who are lucky enough to have a thoughtful, considerate person like you in their lives. You can buy custom pens online or just pick up a phone and have them shipped to your door.