Do People Buy Custom Wood Pens?

Pen 1

Although computers and smartphones have taken over much of our lives, there are still plenty of situations where you need to write something out by hand. Because of this, custom pens make an elegant yet practical gift as a way to commemorate a special person or occasion.

When to Give Custom Pens

Custom pens are a popular gift for many types of occasions. Whether someone you know is graduating, getting married, or celebrating another important milestone, a custom pen is a great way to recognize their achievement. These pens also make popular gifts at the workplace: you can buy custom wood pens for employees who are getting promoted or recognized for their outstanding work.

Customization Options

Custom pens for sale online come with a variety of options to choose from. First, there’s the type of wood used. Many companies use exotic woods because of their striking patterns. Native woods such as black walnut and maple are also popular. Do your research online to see which type of wood looks most appealing to you—as well as researching other pros and cons of different types of woods.

Once you choose the type of wood, you’ll need to decide on the actual engraving. Many times, this may just be the name of the person you’re recognizing. It may also have other information, such as the date of the special event. It can be either printed or rendered in script, depending on your preference.Pen 2

High Quality Materials

Custom pens come in many styles. You’ve probably run across them at your local bank, doctor’s office, and much more. They’re an inexpensive and easy way to advertise, and many organizations pass them out at local events to raise awareness. However, these custom pens for sale are usually cheap and mass-produced. Also, they’re aimed at the company—not at individual people.

There’s something very special about receiving a custom wood pen with your name on it. Much different than plastic pens handed out by local businesses as free giveaways, wooden pens are designed from only high quality wood and other materials and built specifically as valuable and cherished gifts.

Long Lasting Pens

Another reason to buy custom wood pens for sale is that unlike plastic pens, they’re designed to last. Plastic, while less expensive than wood, is easily damaged. Wooden pens start with superior materials that make them works of art in themselves. In addition, the wood can keep its sleek appearance for years—giving your gift recipient a chance to enjoy your gift for a long time to come.