Reasons to Choose Custom Fountain Pens for Gifts

Trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone can be a challenging process, especially when it's someone that means a lot to you. Whether it's father's day, their birthday, a major holiday, or just giving a gift because you happened to be thinking about the person, when you give a gift, you want it to be something that carries a lot of thought and will be useful in their everyday life.

A custom fountain pen fulfills both of those requirements. Your father, friend or co-worker might not know it, but a fountain pen can be very useful to them for several reasons. It can also be a gift that makes them think of you often and smile every time they do. Here are a few reasons why custom fountain pens can be a great choice for the perfect gift.

They Allow Personality to Shine

Art Deco Ballpen

When you go with a store-bought gift, you're forgoing the chance to put your own spin on the gift without making another purchase for accessories. A store-bought gift might look perfect out of the package, but it won't be unique, because you'll be limited by whatever specifications the manufacturer decided on when the item was created. At most, you'll be able to choose one or two slightly different features, such as the color or the scent, but you're still going to be limited by what the manufacturer decides to sell.

With a customized pen, you're limited only by your imagination. If your friend has an unusual favorite color, you can design their pen that way. If they live and die with a favorite sports team, you can attach that team's logo to the pen. With a unique design, your friend will have a constant reminder of your friendship and how well you know him or her every time they put the pen to good use.

They Can Inspire a Hobby

If your friend isn't much of a writer, this might seem counter-intuitive. But have you ever noticed that people tend to at least make an attempt to use the gifts that they receive from people they care about? For example, you might receive an art supply kit one year from a friend and decide to give it a try, even though you don't consider yourself creative at all. After a few minutes, you discover you really enjoy what you're doing and see what else you can make.

Custom fountain pens can work the same way. Perhaps your friend will discover a love for calligraphy and want to create new and unusual fonts with the pen. Or they might decide that they enjoy writing with it and want to write poems or letters to friends on a regular basis. How cool would it be to receive a letter from your friend that was written with your special pen?

They Serve a Purpose

Nouveau Sceptre

Even if your friend isn't a writer and isn't one to develop a new hobby, everyone can find a use for a quality pen. Our society might be heading toward becoming as digital as possible, but there will always be a place for the written word and a need for a pen. For example, when you need a signature on an official document or have to write a quick note, it's a nice feeling to know you have a pen available.

Custom fountain pens might not be the first thing you think of when you're trying to come up with the perfect gift, but they can be a useful and uniquely creative present that your friend will use for many years. If you're looking to surprise your friend with something different, a fountain pen can be a perfect idea.