Things to Know before Buying Custom Pens Online

Buying Online

When it comes to buying custom pens online, quality is essential. Whether you're promoting a business or celebrating a special occasion, a custom pen will convey a strong message of appreciation and gratitude. Before you go shopping for custom pens for sale, check out this shopping guide from Caron Custom Pens.

The Recipient

Chances are, you’re reading this blog because you’re shopping for the perfect gift, either for yourself or that special someone. Naturally, it's important to consider the recipient and their personal style while you’re shopping for a custom pen. They make great gifts for business executives, college graduates, and medical professionals.

Honor a retiring colleague and all their years of service with a custom wooden pen or wine stopper. Congratulate a law graduate with an elegant fountain pen made from exotic wood. For avid writers, consider a matching pen and letter opener set. For active and former military members, how about a custom pen shaped like a bullet with bolt-action clicker.

Take the size of their hands into consideration as well and select a custom pen that'll fit their grip perfectly. Someone with smaller hands might benefit from a slim-bodied pen made from wood that's less dense. An expert craftsman can help you determine the right sized pen for your recipient.

Quality Materials

When you start your search for custom pens, take into consideration the materials used in the crafting process. Plastic is a common material used to make many promotional items like cheaply made pens. However, these writing instruments are often discarded when they run dry. No one throws away a handcrafted pen made from solid wood.

High-quality wood pens are made from pieces of wood called blanks. These blanks come in several different quality grades. The best blanks are rated with an exhibition grade because of their unique grains and vibrant colors. Exhibition-grade blanks are also prized for their density and durability. Only shop for wooden pens crafted from exhibition-grade blanks to ensure you're getting the highest quality wood available.Pen Tip

Quality Craftsmanship

It takes years for an artisan to hone the skills necessary to create these one-of-a-kind pens. When you buy a standard package of plastic pens, you’re buying a machine-made product, and machines make mistakes. From start to finish, your custom pen is built by hand with the utmost attention to detail. You can rest assured that the finished product is free of defects and guaranteed to impress. The artisan behind these unique instruments is also a retired Marine Veteran. When you buy a custom pen by Caron, you’re buying a product made in America by Americans.

By doing a little research and gaining a better understanding of the person you're shopping for, you're sure to find the perfect gift for that special occasion. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, take these tips into consideration when you shop for custom pens for sale online.